Searching for a trusted, reliable, and excellent HIAB hire within the UK? Well, look no further. Liverpool HIAB Hire services is at your service.
With an established base of operations as well as a quality-oriented service delivery outfit, Liverpool Hiab hire services will provide you with all your operational needs in the realms of Hiab Crane hire, Moffetts, Artic Hiabs, Wagon and Drags.

Liverpool Hiab Hire Lorry Mounted Cranes

Understanding Hiabs Lorry Mounted Cranes

Lorry mounted cranes commonly known as Hiabs benefits include as the vehicle can travel to the site of work, removing the need for both transport and installation. One engine on a Hiab powers the crane and the vehicle. The hiab crane is controlled by hydraulics. There are two parts. The crane part is the upper part and the lower part comprises the transport mechanism. The crane is located on a turntable to allow it to turn easily. The counterweights balance the weight of the crane during operation. The design and mounting play a very important part in keeping the vehicle stable during transit.

Hiab Cranes - The Most Trusted of the Crane Brands

Hiab is a brand exclusive to on road handling. Cranes for different industries and purposes are manufactured. Cranes for waste management, construction, road and rail transportation, intermodal terminals, manufacturing, infrastructure, landscaping and agriculture are made. Hiab’s designs reflect the cost consciousness its clients desire. The designs reduce dependence on manual labour, improve handling efficiency of goods. For instance, the multi-lift demountable can perform different tasks by using different body and container types. Hiab Cranes UK have long life cycles and are known to be easy on maintenance. Hiab has also gained immense popularity because of the services it offers.

Truck Mounted Cranes

Since cranes utilised on construction sites are commonly temporary structures, often they are mounted on trucks so that they can be easily transported and moved. Truck mounted cranes are capable of travelling on motorways, meaning additional vehicles are not necessary to transport the crane to the construction site. When the wagon arrives at site, the Hiab crane is erected and outriggers are extended horizontally from the base of the truck and then vertically to stabilise the crane.

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